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Meet the Zenium Team

We’re the experts that challenge conventional thinking – setting new standards in data centers across the globe by combining industry knowledge and mission-critical expertise with a commitment to innovation.

We are a small, dynamic team of data center experts with a true passion for what we do. We have tried and tested ‘hands-on’ knowledge of countless systems, technologies and supply chains, giving us practical insights and market understanding unmatched anywhere in the sector. This experience affords us unparalleled insight into what it takes to deliver every aspect of the process, from initial design through to ongoing operation.

The growing demand for resilient IT infrastructure is only set to continue and companies need an experienced data center partner they can trust, especially when venturing into new and emerging markets. Engineering excellence runs through our veins. We are passionate about all aspects of the engineering process and take an uncompromising approach to quality.

Our straight-talking and personal approach to doing business means we have the power to make things happen and a genuine passion to deliver ground-breaking solutions wherever our expertise can have an impact.

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Latest News

  • What Gets ‘IN’ to the Infrastructure


    Absolutely every decision involving the design and build of our data centres is taken seriously. At no point do we settle for anything less than the best. A key component of our business is our global service partners – named as such because the term ‘suppliers’ simply doesn’t do them justice. From concept through to creation we live and breathe the technology that creates our data center infrastructure – the beating heart of Zenium.

  • It’s All About the Engineering


    Data centers are often the unsung hero behind many successful organisations. They stoically provide the robust and reliable mission critical infrastructure which is essential for continuous service delivery. As an industry, we quite rightly work hard to maximise uptime and minimise downtime. But whilst the temptation might be to make these important decisions purely at a theoretical level or to be influenced by a ‘tick box’ approach to specification or selection, the real solution is to dig a little deeper into the engineering and focus on the lessons that can be learned from the practical reality of running a data hall.

  • Global ISP Strengthens Zenium’s Ecosystem at Frankfurt One


    Zenium has today announced that one of the world's largest Internet Service Providers (ISP), has joined the growing ecosystem of carriers and service providers at Frankfurt One.

  • DE-CIX PoP ‘On-Net’ at Zenium Istanbul One


    DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet exchange operator, announced today that its new Point of Presence (PoP) at the Zenium Istanbul One data center in Turkey is now ‘on-network’ and fully operational.

  • See You In Monaco?


    We hope so.